Friday, July 8, 2011

Saturday Night Outing!

Last Week (June 25, 2011) I went to Zen West on Located on 5916 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212
. From what I do know about the Belvedere Square
area it caters to all social backgrounds whether you’re a college
student, adult looking for a fun night out. During the Day there are
several places that are great for lunch dates, grocery shopping and
even for family time. I do know that Zen West normally caters to local
college students. I know two of my friends that eat here a lot, so I
was hoping that it would be pretty awesome place. Truthfully, it was
moderate. The seating was cool but the design of the restaurant threw
me. We were seated next to an open window. You could reach out and
touch people on Belvedere Ave. if you wanted. The Servers were nice
and seated us immediately. I had no issues with service; service was
prompt, efficient and courtesy. Even through the server came back and
asked if I ordered the Taco or Fajitas. I didn't mind because at
least I didn't get the wrong order of food. Also we got the food
before our Drinks which seemed weird. We only ordered Limeade; it
wasn't really super busy in the restaurant. But for the server’s
pleasant attitude and friendliness everything was on point! So Zen
West is a Tex-Mex American restaurant. I don't know why I thought it
was a fusion type restaurant blending Chinese with Western dishes. (
If there is a restaurant like that let me know I want to try it!) I
get to the good stuff.

The food!!

I wish I had pictures of the food but I have a crappy camera. Of course we received complimentary Chips and Salsa. The salsa was pretty good it was spicy, and flavorful. To me it tasted pretty genuine not like some places where you can tell it was
thrown together. The food on the other hand was bland; there was no
flavor at all. I mean nothing was under or over cooked just no
seasonings. I ordered the Fajita Tilapia which the fish was sizzling
hot, but that’s it no extra flavor. I made my first Fajita and it was ok. So I ended up eating the Fish with the peppers and onion. The rice was slightly cold and My black beans didn't inspire me to eat all of them. My friend ordered the Chicken Quesadilla, which she seemed to enjoy. The cost of the meal was not that bad it was $30 for two. So
pretty much $15 per person not bad I don’t think. If you are looking for a quick meal with drinks and sports on you will be ok going here. I mean you can go there after seeing a movie or on a Saturday night when you don't want the hustle and bustle of Fells Point, Canton or Federal Hill area. But other than that I wouldn't suggest this particular place of the bat. If you now some one that does not like spicy food. Yes you should take
them the lack of spice would be perfect for them. I will not rate this restaurant; cause to each is his own. But I wasn't impressed enough to go back for the food, maybe a drink and some chips. I will stick to Chipotle for my Americanized Mexican Food or Mari Luna Bistro for my Authenticate Mexican food.

Sign Off,

Molecular Cell

The Leftover were attacked by the beast known as Roxie. She acted like she wanted to get love and affection and stole the container out of my hands.

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